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About Us


Falasoft Consulting Limited  is an information and communication technology (ICT) company that has top class qualified and project coordinating teams. It has its office located at #11 Tokunbo Alli, off Toyin street Ikeja in the heart of Lagos State. We have wide exposure and vast networking facility and have served as support team to numerous firms, organization and government parastatals.

The company Falasoft Consulting Services Ltd. was established based on the need to be part of the team that brings information technology to full development in Nigeria. With the need to improve on product delivery and quality, it became apparent that there has to be a support management Company to ensure continuity after project delivery.

This propelled the chairman of Falasoft Consulting Services Ltd., Alhaji (Barrister) Sufian Falade to put a team together that will form the core support management team in the IT industry. Having achieved this substantially, especially with our presence in the insurance, manufacturing and services industries.

Through our vast spectrum of services, we are truly capable of being our clients’ one-stop technology and business shop.